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utter refusal

i was there, in my house, on 11th and chestnut, just doors away from the murder. i heard the 5 gunshots- 5, not 2 as reported. they were so loud it sounded as if they were in my living room. i hear gunshots at least once a week in the neighborhood, but i actually said aloud "those can't be shots. it's 3:45 in the afternoon. that has to be coming from the coca-cola plant or the garage around the corner. it can't be shots." then the sirens started. and continued for nearly 30 mins. i got up and let my dogs outside. i opened the door to a murder scene. there was yellow tape and uniformed people everywhere. there was a bicycle lying in the middle of the road and people crying. there was a huge atenna sticking up as far as i could see from the news van parked in front of my house. and a man was dead. shot multiple times on a street where kids were walking. a street where crack deals occur every minute and the police know yet are rarely there. the blocks of 11th and chestnut and 11th and grace rival Creekwood and Rankin streets as the most dangerous in Wilmington. and i got home last night and there was not one officer in sight- some man-hunt. and i went to work this morning and i saw the same dealers walking around but, again, no police. i was born and raised in this city and i refuse to allow it to degrade in this way. i call 911 a couple of times a month, every time i hear a gunshot or see a drug deal on my street. i urge each and every one of you to do the same- let our elected officials know we are not going to sit idly by while our city goes to hell. don't let another person die because you are too scared to have a voice.


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