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Poor Poor Citizen,,,,

Pay all that tax money and after its all over, later on in the day, no Police are to be found. Did it even cross your mind that maybe the suspect had left the area as reported by every major news outlet in this town. Why would the police, as inept as you make them out to be , just stand around in your front yard while the real killer got away (and no it was'nt OJ, he was to busy robbing people in Las Vegas). So you call the Police every week because you live in the hood. But I live in a nearly nice area and the police have to come out here as well. I just dont classify myself as a victim. Get over yourself. This shooting had nothing to do with us law abiding citizens (me and you) and everything to do with wanting to act like little thug gangbangers. Blame who you want but I know who is at fault. You can start with the parents.


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