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What About Catlin, Thompson, Davis, Barfield?

How does Berger compare to the others in spending tax dollars? It's easy to attack someone. Berger is so devoted and passionate he's the only one not on the take, not looking for personal benefits, this spending the most doesn't smell honest. It smells like a distation from the issues, like Rick Catlin's stadium payoff and Jonathan Barfield and Jason Thompson need to take budget and ethics lessons from the Berger. Let's just see th facts, the numbers, WWAY, and then editorialize. This is just gossip. Attack against the only friend taxpayers and lowly citizens have in local leadership. Give us the facts (if you can put your hatred for Berger aside long enough to) publish every officials spending and hold this bs from catlin and the lying bossum buddies Barfield and Ms. Thompson!


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