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Rewarding Berger for bad behaviour will just create more ...

... bad behavior.

I'm sure Mr. Coudriet, along with the majority of NHC, would be happy if Berger just magically disappeared, but that's not going to happen. If he's allowed to write off his debt, the whole process will just start all over again with Berger blowing off even more lodging reservations on the County's dime.

Keep the remaining debt on the books with no more discussion. Keep the current travel policy on the books with no more discussion.

Berger has become about as useful to NHC as an air horn is to a fish. The benefit of Berger representing NHC at meetings outside of the County is even less and possibly even detrimental. If, for the small sum of only $287, Berger will be effectively be prevented from attending these conferences, NHC will be actually be getting a pretty good deal.

Forgive the debt and it won’t be too long before Berger will have blown even more County money on blown reservations, etc. Regardless of why Berger acts the way he does, NHC would be just as nutty to throw more good money on top of bad.


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