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Born poor?

Take the time to investigate WHY the bill was vetoed. This program is already paying health insurance premiums for children in families making sixty, seventy, even eighty-thousand dollars in some states. The LAST thing we need is to expand it and create another unfunded/under-funded entitlement program. Let me turn your question around - why should other people suffer financially because your brain can't effectively manage your reproductive organs? One would conclude that as a caring, loving parent you would WANT to have "the proper health insurance and fat bank account" BEFORE you brought a child into this world. Of course, that would require responsibility, maturity, and judgment....impossible by today's standards. In lieu of this bill, the government would be far better off funding the program at the level the White House proposes and using the money Congress wants to spend like drunken sailors (buying votes) to fund abortions for the needy, after overturning the Hyde Amendment. After all, since the taxpayers are going to be soaked because of other people's reckless decisions, it would make far more fiscal sense to spend one-thousand dollars rectifying the situation now, than tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars raising the child to adulthood. If we return to offering funded abortions to the poor with the stipulation of a mandatory tubal ligation during the second abortion, we'll start to reap the financial benefits immediately, and see a windfall in fifteen to twenty years. If the politicians were sincere about ending poverty (they're not) they'd stop encouraging the proliferation of poor people by subsidizing their lifestyle.


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