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I am sure that no one has children without believing that they cannot afford them. Most responsible parents like myself will and have worked two and three jobs to make sure that they have EVERYTHING they need. However, one parent families that at some point started off having 2 parents and for whatever reason find themselves over their heads or they get divorced etc. no matter the cause, did not forsee an abrupt change in their lives. Can you honestly sit there and say those children do not deserve any health care simply because their parent's employer does not offer it? So do they just quit any job just to get health coverage, take a cut in pay in addition to the cost of coverage? Pay the outrageous costs of purchasing health care as an individual so that multi-billion dollar insurance companies can get richer? That my friend is the reality!! You are addressing people having children out of wed-lock or having more babies to receive more welfare benefits I am guessing. I have issues with that type of behavior too but there are many good people out there that find themselves in the situations I mentioned before do you just turn your back on them and say tough luck? Surely you cannot be that cold. Wait-a-minute, you are a Republican aren't you? Never mind, I answered my own question.


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