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idealic life

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it state the right to health insurance? I have news for you. There are too many laws and programs made to count that have no origin in the constitution. I am sure that in 1787 our forefathers would have known all the issues that would have cropped up over 220 years. I suppose it would have been better left alone so women would have never had the vote, African-Americans never had gotten their freedom, etc. The fact that you have to work three jobs indicates failure to make good decisions. So why do I have to cover for your poor decisions... Here is where you have crossed a line. I took extra jobs because of taking care of an elderly parent (in-law)with Alzheimers, and my own mother who went blind and could no longer care for herself, and taking care of my own family of 3 children, with my wife's help. I suppose you will try to tell me that they had made bad decisions for going blind, or having alzheimers. I never lost health coverage. I have a bachelor's degree. I have made excellent choices in life. I have lived up to my duties as a son, son-in-law and father. Watch where you tread. Unlike you, I think of my fellow man that has not been able to bounce back from huge adversity as I did. I have empathy for others and aspire to loftier ambitions than turning my nose up at others. I guess where the poor and disadvantaged are concern in your eyes to quote Ebeneezer, "better that they die and decrease the surplus population" You pathetic excuse for a human being. I will never stand by and watch you spread your dribble for forced abortions, sterilization, and bigotry. Count on that.


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