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HMO's have been around in one form or another since 1910. In 1970 talks between the US Dept. of Health and the father of HMO's a Mr. Paul Ellwood got the ball rolling. 1977 marked when HMO's began to grow in popularity. Clinton was not even President then you moron. What won't you conservatives blame Clinton for? As far as illegals go, no one should be in the country illegally, maybe someone should have been minding the revolving door in Texas under W's watch. "Adults stealing from you" stealing what? I pay taxes just like you and I don't approve of a lot of what they go for but I could sure see some of those programs done away with for other worthwhile ones so in many ways my income has been stolen too. Vote for you? You would not dare put your name on those ridiculous stances to seriously run and no one would even dream of publically supporting you. You must know that; so quit your mindless ranting.


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