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Money is not the point

Responsibility IS the point. As far as my hypothetical child with Leukemia, I'd of course do eveything within my power to help the child as long as there was a hope of he or she being cured. That would be MY responsibility. If the money being spent on that child started to severely impact the general quality of life for the remainder of the family, then I'd have a tough decision to make.....but I'd make it. This nation would be a lot better off financially and mentally if we once again accepted that we are all reaching the same end eventually, some sooner than others. We spend an absolutely ridiculous sum of money keeping people alive when there is no hope of recovery or cure. Medicare would have paid for my eighty year-old mother's second cornary bypass surgery - SHE was the one who refused to waste that much money. So in the case of my sick child, if there was absolutely no hope, I'd do everything to keep the child spolied rotten and comfortable until the time came, but I would not pay one dime to keep the child teetering at death's door for months or years, too sick to enjoy life. Oh, regarding those doctors who want to milk you dry....? They're simply giving the public what they want, which is pushing death to the back burner for as long as possible. Meanwhile, they have to protect themselves from the lawyers the next-of-kin will hire to second guess every decision the doctor made and try to get all that money back (plus a whole-lot more). Death is as much a part of life as being born. We Americans are too afraid of it to effectively deal with it any more.


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