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Typical Lib....all emotional

"I suppose it would have been better left alone so women would have never had the vote, African-Americans never had gotten their freedom, etc." Maybe you should read the Constitution, in particular, the pre-amble. Those admendments established justice for all... "I have a bachelor's degree." In what...philosophy or some other degree that does not contribute to society? "I have empathy for others and aspire to loftier ambitions than turning my nose up at others." You went from discussing this child insurance program to your own problems regarding your parents...ok then. People who openly state they have made good decisions are like an alcoholic who denies they have an addiction problem... My point was/is...why should I be forced at gunpoint to do give to something that has absolutely nothing to do with me, my family, etc. I am certain that I give more to charities annually than you do. That is in addition to the taxes taken from me for these handout programs. Bottom are jealous of others due to your own personal situation and "want to get even" with the world by forcibly taking money away from those not in your own situation. How many times a day do you say to yourself "It's not fair that I am going through this when Joe Bob is driving his BMW to his business."


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