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Are you really so dim?

Are you really so dim to believe that Bush did anything to take away from what you are already getting? If anything he was acting to preserve what you and others like you are getting. If we expand this insurance to nearly everyone then there will be nobody left to fund the programs and they will collapse into a mess, leaving many more than before without any coverage. Yes, you are the victim again. The victim of not being able to think beyond tomarrow and what the Dems propaganda machine want you to think. Ask yourself this, "who will pay for it when everyone get's insurance from the government for free?" No answer? Neither did Hillary when they asked her this question. By the way, what kid of mother would not be close enough to their kids to NOT know everything that the father is doing, abuse and stuff. How long did you let this go on? Allow it to happen? Why have you not tapped into the Children's Relief and Victim's Funds? What about the father's assets? Sounds like you wanna blame everyone else but yourself.


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