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Of course much of our lot in

Of course much of our lot in life is due to the choices we make, but do you really think everyone starts on the same level playing field? To think so is utterly naïve. The balance in our society between the haves and haves not is so entirely out of line that many people really do have to make the choice between health insurance and food. True many people make horrible choices, get into drugs or don’t try to do well in school but that is only a small percentage of the 44million without coverage. The health care system as it is now is in utter chaos and the health care companies have no obligation or responsibility to people. If you think our current system is in good working order then you might be the one who needs to go back to College to educate yourself on the current state of things. You are correct in your assertion that nowhere in the constitution does it guarantee health care but there are many things that are not in the constitution that the founding fathers had every intention of having our government do. In fact we already have national health care to some extent. What do you think Medicare and Medicaid are? Should they be taken away? I think our founding fathers and basic Christian values should compel us as a society to help those less advantaged. Your Quote “ Why should I have to cover your for your poor decisions” I am going to assume you mean spend tax dollars. If you follow that logic then why should I have to pay taxes for anything that does not directly benefit me? If I don’t own a car then why should I have to pay taxes for roads? If I have no children then why should I have to pay taxes that go toward public education? Part of the responsibility of government, and in my humble opinion our responsibility to God and to our country, is the betterment of society as a whole.


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