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Charity yes, forced government extortion, no

"I think our founding fathers and basic Christian values should compel us as a society to help those less advantaged. " The first half of that sentence is pure fantasy. The rift between the haves and have-nots was far greater at the time of this nation's founding than it is today. The founding fathers were almost ALL of the landed gentry/gentleman farmer and established merchant classes. People such as Adams and Jefferson were fatastically wealthy while the vast majority of Americans were subsistance farmers or small, local businessmen. What our founding fathers did do was establish a system whereby any free-born man COULD succeed if he tried. Subsequent amendments now make it possible for anyone to succeeed if they apply themselves. "Possible" doesn't guarantee success however, so you are always going to have "the haves and the have-nots." We NEED the have-nots to function as a society, but we don't need to breed them through our government economic programs. They do quite well proliferating on their own, without financial incentives. The second half of your sentence is purely your religious-based opinion, and carries no more value in a secular society than anyone's oppposing opinion. Please don't use God to justify picking my pocket. The rhetoric that "the successful have a greater obligation" is pure liberal fantasy, not found in the Bible or the Constitution. Neither Jesus nor Jefferson places a greater responsibility toward our fellow man or nation based upon our net worth. We are ALL supposed to play by the same rules. If you really care about the betterment of society, stop handing out free steamed grouper with a shrimp and mussel wine sauce (the equivalent of paying insurance premiums for children in families collecting $83k a year) and teach them to fish! Our established system is failing as we drift further toward Sesame Street Socialism. We need to stop insulating people and families from the consequences of their actions, and start letting people manage their own lives. I give away a large sum of money every year to people who are trying to better themselves responsibly AND demonstrably. The "Woe is me" crowd gets nothing from me beyond what Uncle Robin Hood takes.


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