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Though it's only my personal

Though it's only my personal opinion, I do not beleve that any person under the influence of any narcotic substance should be allowed to work in a hospital or drive or perform any activity, in any setting, where another person's life could be endangered.

For that matter, I do not believe that there is any justifiable reason for the long-term use of narcotics. Certainly, narcotics should be administered, if necessary, in certain situations, such as end-stage palliative care of the dying or for a very short period following major surgery. Otherwise, I will never understand why any person would be prescribed morphine and such for decades on end.

That said, however, each person has the right to do with his or her body as they choose. My opinion, however, is if you elect to use narcotic drugs, whether prescription or not, that are well known for their sedative/cognitive effects stay home and do not endanger others. It's a sad day when the ADA is being used to protect the rights of drug users. What next?


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