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You had better worry about the "crazy" nurses more.

I know a nurse who works at this hospital and she does not take drugs, but is crazy. If I were in this hospital and she were my nurse I would just walk out.
But if a person is on pain management that is control by a doctor they should be ok to work if their doctor has them on a management plan that does not mess with their body or mind.
Before you judge someone taking pain meds that are prescribed by a doctor you need to know the complete history and facts. Different amounts, people themselves and other things weight into the whole picture. And where one person could take even a over the counter asprin and be completely not right, the next person could take a prescribed low dose pain pill and be fine. This is fact. The whole picture needs to be taken into consideration.
If you are going to get that up tight about pain meds you need to look at all the other meds out there that people take. Some meds for other medical problems can cause lots of problems and could make someone not do their job correctly. Research all meds and see all the side effects and what they could cause before you go jumping on someone taking pain meds.
Sleeping pills can cause people to do things that they would not normal do. Pills for health conditions can cause people to act crazy. I am just saying it is not only pain meds and each case should be judge on its own merit no matter what the med is someone is taking.


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