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If the info is there, people will seek it...and find it!

Pretty simple there Cowbaby! As an employer, I will search every avenue of the web available to find out the information about a potential employee! I can honestly say I have weeded out many, many great candidates and refused them employment based soley on their publicly available information. Thank you Facebook!!! Thank you candidates for allowing me to see who and what you really are! YOUR business is now MY business!

If you want to post personal information about yourself, I can read it free of charge! Guess what else Cowbaby? Twitter IS next!!! It's really very simple, if you don't want people to know about you, don't put it up for the whole freekin' world to see! Did you not learn the true meaning of the word "privacy" and how to protect it by the time you were a freshman in high school? DON'T need to answer that!


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