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DUMB comment

Every time anything goes wrong here someone like you crawls out from under a rock and blames it on someone from the North.

- If ALL of "those" people are getting the planning and enforcement jobs ... PROVE IT!
- If Wilmington's laws are actually "Yankee laws" brought to Wilmington from elsewhere ... PROVE IT!

You can't, because that just doesn't even begin to make any sense at all much less involve the common sense you say is what works instead of law here (which also makes no sense).

About the only thing that's making any sense at all is that Wilmington, just like any other town in America, has some some problems that you, personally, have no idea on how to fix. Instead of putting on a pair of big-boy pants and looking for a local solution to a local problem, your solution is to blame someone from somewhere else. Gee, that'll sure fix the problem.

Too bad you'll never be smart enough to realize that your infantile response to a LOCAL problem makes everyone HERE look worse instead of better.

Considering what you've posted, I find your astounding lack of any common sense at all to be totally ironic.


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