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Get your facts stright

It doesn't matter what kind of jobs they are....the people with these new jobs are able to put food on their tables, pay their mortgages and keep the lights on, I doubt if they are complaining about what kind of job it is and not only that, they are tax paying citizens again.

PART-TIME Jobs....
*put food on thier Tables*

Only with Food-stamp, opps SNAP benifit's Help.... Been at the Local Food Bank Lately? ASK, people how & where they stand financially...
Food has been replaced with Gas-o-line, getting back & forth between NEW Job(s)

**PAY thier Mortgages**

Paying on a ^up-side~down Home(s)^, That's Worth LESS than when "They Bought it", Or some; that used those Monies during the FRAUD BOOM Period in Real-Estate, as a ATM, having More than 1 *Mortgage*...

**Keep the Lights On**

Seen this Story yet?
(Credits, Star News Link)

Progress Energy are about to cut My Elec. OFF; before the "Due Date Also"... NO,
I'm not in "DEBT"

Lets NOT Talk about CFPUA *YET*......

Let's just say, I FIFY.....
WHERE Are the *JOBS* ????
*** in the Port City=Micky D Jobs et al.....***
Service Job Industry, Is THIS going to "help" the LOCAL Ecomoney?

The REAL Un-Employment Rate is around/almost, that of the Great Depression!


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