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guesty I agree

I agree with you, however.. we all know that with North Carolina's hesitancy to enforce the death penalty that these people would still be in prison for 50+ years before it was carried out. I think we should go WAY back in the day and turn them over to the public for stoning. Hey, at least we'd feel more like something was being done instead of giving them a free home, cable TV, provided meals, and don't forget their nice weight room to stay physically fit it. It's no wonder people have no regard for the laws anymore. Maybe we should go back to digging ditches.. have a crew of men and women dig a ditch, then have another crew cover it up, then the first crew has to go back to the exact same spot and re-dig the ditch, on and on... So much for "liberty and Justice for all..." This little girl has gotten no liberty or justice from this situation. It's disgusting. Please tell me the court system won't give the mom rights when she gets out in a measly 5 years (probably 4 for good behavior).


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