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Integrity and Character

Do our local politicians think that we the voters are fools? Ms. Gott states that she and her husband live together but yet vote in different counties…lol. Perhaps the County border dissects their residence. I wonder what her Brunswick County residence utility bill would reveal? Please Ms. Gott have some integrity and character and stop lying to the B.O.C. and to the voters.
Jason Thompson stated that he would not seek another term so he could find more time to spend with his family. Apparently his family came in second place to his plans to run again in the primary. However the voters decided that he best spend his time with his family after all. Now he may want Mr. Catlins seat through backroom deals. So Jason does your family come first? Show us your integrity and character.
Mr. Berger please get your life in order. Repeated and unsubstantiated public accusations of corruption, mismanagement, lying among others against the County staff must stop. Have you ever considered that these folks may file suit against you? Please pay the money you owe our citizens due to your negligence. Walmart needs seasonal help. Perhaps you can get a job... what a novel thought. I wonder why you repeatedly endorse Derrick Hickey particularly after his wife steals an opponent's web domain? So I ask you also where is YOUR character and integrity?
Mr. Barfield you have endorsed using taxpayer funds to pay for a baseball stadium. Is that truly what you believe the taxpayers want? on another occasion you changed your vote after your wife told you to, or was a change of heart for political expediency? She works full time for NHC. I wonder if other applicants were interviewed for the position. I wonder how a republican Board voted for a democrat to be Chairman? Could a deal have been struck? Where is your character and integrity?
Mr. Catlin please hold your support for Ms. Gott until all is reviewed…
We residents of New Hanover County deserve far better than what we now have. It’s time to stop this circus. Election day is near.


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