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Let this be a lesson to

Let this be a lesson to everyone why there should not be religion in government. Separation of church and state is a damn good thing if you ask me because you never know when your dealing with an extremist sect (church). For all of you who are saying this is not a church, and they are not promoting christian beliefs I will tell you first... you are wrong.... Westboro Baptist Church is a non-profit (don't pay taxes) religious organization who practices christianity... maybe not the same sermon preached in your church but they are reading out of the same book, and interpreting the text just as your pastor interprets his opinion on the text to you each and every Sunday they just choose to go the extra mile and actually piss people off with the nonsense and utter crap in the bible. You choose to ban gay marriage, and they decide to picket dead soldiers because the country is tolerant to homosexuality... all stems from your holy book.

On to this despicable act... They have done this for years, and thanks to President Obama they can't be as intrusive as they once could be. We still have freedom of speech in this country, and unfortunately this extreme religious sect decides to pro-actively protest their vile in the presence of a mourning family who will never see there loved one again. Turns my stomach... Some people just need to be committed to a psych ward immediately... I always said religion was a mental disorder but these people put the cherry on top.

As a veteran I will stand against this vile, disgusting, unappreciated, display of cruelty and defend my brother in arms who sacrificed it all for our freedom.




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