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Domestic Violence

Okay folks, let's get the facts straight here... Domestic violence is intimate partner violence. It does not matter who abused who or what their justification is. The fact is that abusing a human being is against the law PERIOD. Let's say I decided to walk up to an anonymous person on the street and hit them. I am going to jail, it's a crime to do that. That's the facts. Domestic violence is when the facts are BLURRED and sometimes disregarded because of the nature of the relationship between the individuals. That is dysfunctional thinking and logic on the behalf of our culture which is why domestic violence is still alive and well. To hurt, harm, berate, belittle, con, swindle, manipulate and/or terrorize another human being is a crime except if that person is a family member or emotionally involved intimately with you. Okay America, wake up and smell the neanderthal, SHAME ON US... Violence is a CHOICE, you can CHOOSE to walk away. Oh, and by the way, did you know that there is one population in this country that you can legally kill and beat? Children... You can abort babies and beat children as long as you don't leave a bruise. We even allow our schools to beat our children with our consent under the guise of discipline, it's more like adult frustration acting out on children. The brain is the strongest muscle, prevention is worth a life... Learn how to get along, manage your anger, and choose your battles. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE NEANDERTHAL.... YIKES


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