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How to win friends and influence people ...

"Whiners"? ... "Gotten your feathers ruffled"? ... "If you want to complain", (you'll tell someone else what to complain about)? ... "Just settle down"? ... "Don't expect the babysitter to be satisfied with 50 cents an hour"?

Who died and left you in charge of how everyone else should feel? Did that person also tell you to act like a smug elitist prig if you disagree with someone else's opinion?

I've been going to the festival for many years now and always enjoy it but there's no disputing the fact that the cost of admission has gone up at a rate way above the inflationary cost of living. All food and beverages must also be purchased exclusively from inside vendors at rates generally disproportionate with their normal price of sale as well.

The festival used to emphasize community and a celebration of the end of summer by people who, in many cases, knew one another. Your post indicates that you have no clue as to the festival's original intentention. All you really care about is what you intend it to be; a "concert" or "adult venued music event", not a "festival". If your infant isn't in designer toddler wear or you wind up listening to a band or performer that doesn't have national recognition, it's impossible for someone like you to find any value there. Quality becomes defined as something that has a brand name attached to it. It must be difficult for you to enjoy the value of something like a sunrise or a sunset. How could you with no designer label prominently attached?

Just because you've screwed up your own value system is no reason to be rude to others. That's your problem, not everyone else's.


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