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Sorry 'bout that "Mr. Tater Peeler"...

Looks like your feathers are ruffled a bit too! I realize that too much time in KP duty will make one edgy and judgemental. But allow me to explain a few basic issues so you may re-focus your obvious anger and call names where they are deserved.
First, you have absolutely no idea about my "value system" or what "values" I may enjoy...a totally off-the-cuff remark.
Second, you whine about ticket prices by stating, "the cost of admission has gone up at a rate way above the inflationary cost of living. All food and beverages must also be purchased exclusively from inside vendors at rates generally disproportionate with their normal price of sale as well." Really now? So when is a concert an essential element that has to coincide with inflation? When is the last time you filled your car up for 25 dollars, when is the last time you walked out of the grocery store with three bags for under 30 dollars or bought a gallon of milk for 2 bucks? When is the last time you went to the doctor and got out with a 10 dollar copay? When is the last time you had a decent dinner out with a few cocktails for less than a 100 dollars? It's been one heck of a long time since you've seen any of these! My visit to "Riverfest" cost me 8 dollars for a lemonade and 8 dollars for a plate of chips. My last attendance at a Paul McCartney concert cost me 250 dollars.
Third, I'm not a "elitist PRIG" as you state, but I do make good money and don't bit*h and whine about spending a little for decent, local entertainment venues that frankly appear as a bargain in comparison to the essential daily rip-offs in which I'm forced to participate.
So keep on peeling there Cookie. If you don't make enough money to enjoy yourself with our local events, consider trimming down your "cut-down" style posting time here and go get a second job cleaning hotel rooms or something where you can at least make a little money rather than complain. One more thing. If you want to pacify your kids desires, take them to Myrtle Beach for the carnival rides, petting zoos and taffy stores. They probably won't have all of that at the Pleasure Island Seafood, Jazz and Blues Festival.
they will also likely NOT have appreciation for good music and long time artists like Greg Allman. This festival has grown to be much more than a "locals only" celebration. This is what happens when something is "successful" (take a lesson here). The people that put this event on, organize the volunteers, gather the sponsors and recruit the entertainment have done a wonderful job over the years and is testament to its successful growth. I look forward to even more in the future!


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