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You have a full on attack Chef!

It appears you are the one with serious self esteem problems. Guest 461 is simply highlighting some valid points showing that some people just want everything for free or expect 25 year old prices for current day product. Everything is going sky high these days to include the very basics that families need for sustenance, much less the luxury of entertainment. I'm personally unaware af any 2012 Cadillacs available at 1976 prices. If you need a 2012 and want a Cadillac, the wants come second so get yourself a 2012 Kia so you can make it to work. Facts are facts...

He didn't brag about his money or even state how much he made. He never mentioned anything about his house, his neighbors, his automobile or even his shoes. You've done an excellent job of portraying yourself as one who lacks depth, self-confidence and the flexibility to consider another persons opinion without appearing quite angry and disenchanted. Seems to me that you are the one that needs "condolances". You certainly have mine.

Now, would you please just sit down, shut up and go enjoy the show?


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