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Yep, I kind of did

461 wasn’t simply highlighting; he was being rude to 95402-349058 for no apparent reason. 95402-349058 simply said he/she regretted the old prices and the old festival. The snide response was uncalled for. Rude posters sometimes get rude responses. Too bad.

Your analogy with the Cadillac, while well intentioned, misses the point. I was merely observing that admission prices were increasing at a rate exponentially higher than the general rate of inflation. Facts are facts …

House, auto, shoes … used simply to convey a word picture of a guy I percieved as having an unecessarily elitist perspective. I’m all for considering another person’s opinion. My “full on” response was a response to the response 461 gave to 95402-349058.

On 4/20/2012 some other poster once wrote “He's a nice guy if you happen to like short, round, fat, big-mouthed buffoons that for some odd reason, happen to think they're important”. I believe that was you.

Sometime others just rub us the wrong way. Oh well.


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