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I'm sure they do, since he's

I'm sure they do, since he's Obama's right hand man and probably one of the top dogs when it come's to blank checks and PORK BARREL spending, but what does that have to do when it comes to taxpayers asking Congress tyo reign in their spending? Mike keeps running around with those blank checks with "his name" in the signature line!, And what happened to a man was only good as his word, I believe McIntyre said if you elect me I will not be a career politician, 2 terms and I'm out, well 16 years later guess what?? And while we are on it, he harp's on ILLEGAL immigration out one side of his mouth and yet in 16 years he hasn't put up a fight for anything against it, kinda getting that feeling about this hound dog doesn't hunt, and by the way, what has he done about the closures NOAA has put on the fisheries, lipservice, that's what! And since we are on the subject, what has he himself done about anything that really affects our lives day to day like tax's, fuel cost, ethanol fuel, grocery price's, etc... I'll tell you what NOTHING!!!!!


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