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Tourists are noticing too

I had friends in from out of town this last weekend who commented on the alarming vacancy rate downtown. They were also disappointed to see Front St. is now bi-directional again. In a not-so-secret ploy to force more people into an unused parking garage, has the city figured out that the new/old layout isn't business friendly? Pedestrian traffic doesn't flow like it used to downtown. The two way traffic flow hasn't really decreased the traffic load on 3rd, and the Market and Front intersection is ridiculous. There needs to be a "no left turns" policy made there. Some businesses seem to be thriving. Subway, and the coffee shops near CFCC always look like they've got a line at their counters. I guess those customers weren't interested in Hawaiian shirts, or European goodies, as those were the types of shops I saw disappear not too much further down the street from the Community College. Another Italian eatery failed in the Cotton Exchange, I wonder why? Couldn't be parking, as they have a lot in back, and being even closer to CFCC then Subway it couldn't be a lack of foot traffic. It does appear that PPD's employees are losing the urge to walk all the way down to these shops, maybe that's the reason?


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