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Funeral arrangements set for Sgt. T.J. Butler; protest, show of

Didn't the POTUS declare it ILLEGAL to protest a military funeral TWO hours BEFORE up until TWO hours AFTER?? Yes, he did. So my question is where will our police and sheriff deputies be during this so-called 'protest' which dishonors our country and our beliefs AND the God this country was founded on???? I will be a part of the human wall to keep out these hypocrites who claim to be of my God, and I am here to tell you ALL right now, MY GOD is not against us, He is Abba, Father, God, the great I AM, Jehova, Father of Christ, and He loves us! He had His Army, and still that! And He does NOT approve of this hideous action of these few extremists who are every bit as deranged as the group that bombed our towers in 2001 or those who killed our embassy four this 9/11/2012. I hope to everything Holy and GOOD that our police department rises up to meet the challenge and arrest these protesters, since OUR POTUS declared it unlawful. It should be a FELONY, with a minimum of 10 yrs in prison. IMHO


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