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First of all, when someone I love passes away... I would want to save anything I can, even obituaries or news article mentions of this person. This article would bring nothing but painful memories... the woman shouldn't have been quoted. The article should have said something akin to... amidst the hate, the love of God shined through the day with the beautiful weather and the support of people. Honestly, we have an all powerful God. He could rain hellfire and brimstone on the funeral if He wanted to. He doesn't need Westbrooks help if He was angry. The truth is, God loves everyone. No exception to the rule. The typical response of a Christian, a true Christian, is to say "Wow... God loves even me, how could He love much?"

I daresay Westbrook is not a Christian organization. You can tout the name Christian or Baptist all you want, but until you can start quoting the NEW Testament... Love thy neighbor, you're not a Christian ("Like Christ" is the literal meaning of Christian) at all.

Let the hate fly... so God can show how much stronger His love is. Thank you Wilmington for being instruments of LOVE, not hatemongers trying to destroy Gods will.


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