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Interesting point about the attempt to commit fraud - the question is by whom? Gott? Or the GOP ?
I believe LaNassa should also inquire with the State Bar about this.

If Gott gets word of the potential impact on her ability to continue practicing law and withdraws then we'll know that she is in fact residing in Brunswick county.
Then we should inquire as to where here kids go to school and why.

My thought is why? Why would she even consider trying to get a county seat if in fact this could lead to the embarrassment outlined above?
Get your kids yanked out of school for not being a resident? I don't have an issue with Brunswick county schools - I believe they are just as good as NH County schools are, so if you're living in Brunswick - why transport your kids here?

This seems to be a failure of the PARENTS who are putting political gains before their kids and their careers.

If she IS a resident? And it can be proven? Hey more power to her - but she's got to be vetted FIRST. The "collateral damage" this could cause to the local GOP is immeasurable. Look its a PUBLIC office - you're gonna get screened - it's not a witch hunt

Barfield knows a lot more than he's letting on - perhaps this is his way of saying to Gott - "This could get ugly because we know where you live". If this is true he just gave her an out.

Nominate someone else - what the hecks the problem?


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