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Raised rates...

This *CEO* has earned a 3.5 increase, in pay while I'm setting here, in a "newer" home OUT of the ghetto, (eg" Long Leaf Park)...
Now I'm looking @ a 409.00 water bill...For 2 months, with NO LEAKS in My home.....
2 people, getting to the point were We are *AFRAID* to even take a bath!
Whats wrong with this picture?
WWAY contact Me if you don't believe....

I've ALSO got strom water "run-off" fee?
The grade FALLS from the road too My home, I "collect" ALL the "Storm water" in My yard...
I'm "charged" a storm water fee? WUT!!!!!!
I've supposed to "used" over 50K+ gallon(s) of water in My HOME---> here? HUH! Something stinks, in the Computer billing system....(Still)


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