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CFPUA continues to pick the pockets of working families

Why not? Spend it and add it to our bill. What are we going to do? Not like we have any say over who runs the place and they know it.

What a short memory we have. Jordan took a raise not longer after he was hired knowing his employees were getting stiffed and not getting raises. Why not take another?

The fact is the CFPUA is a third layer of government and has the ability to spend money and raise taxes(what it calls rates) with absolutely no accountability to voters. It’s a hybrid government entity with the powers of both a corporation and a government body. By law the CFPUAs spending and rates are not by any other government body.

This is the newest government trend. We take what were taxes and turn them into bills from government corporations like CFPUA. As we sit back with our heads in the sand government organization like this will continue to pop up.

Of course Jordans got a grin on his face, he’s one of the highest paid government officials in the county. He knows he’s untouchable and we have no say over who runs the CFPUA or what he’s paid.


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