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you misstate the facts. The referendum calls for bonds totaling $37 million. To be paid back over 20 years. Throw in the interest charges as a portion of the debt service.

And if you are going to talk about the $500,000 annual payment from Mandalanta, did you consider the deductions they make before writing a check? YOu know, the ones which will reduce their annual payment to around $360,000.

Terry, these posts are not going to get you a job in Banking.

The other proponents have been intelligent enough to remain silent. I guess that was beyond your abilities.

Every time you post, and that is every time, you put one of your infamous false statements out as though you possess the Holy Grail.

You Sir, do more harm to the hopes of the taxpayer funded ballpark. Keep up the good work; you're making defeat of the referendum that much easier.


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