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Mr. T

The deception is purely on your side. Because I don't hide behind a screen name, I make certain my statements are accurate. $75,000,000 is the amount of money that would be taken from the people of Wilmington. Yes, it's more than the stadium and interest. That's the point! Aren't you sick and tired of the government taking the money you earned and wasting it on inappropriate projects? Regarding your other points, #1 An idiot's IQ is less than 20. Fortunately, mine is well above that. If you'd like to try a few more names on me, I'd be glad to meet you privately and we can decide together what you'll call me from here on out? #2 The ad was not cheap, #3 The ad is accurate but clearly does not fit with your warped view of the how the government should work. The government is there to "govern" not to fund amusements for the masses. #4 The organization is run by entrepreneurs, people who have built businesses, created jobs, they have created and lived within budgets. These people are FAR from low life. They are the foundation of every community. If you have a job, you owe your livelihood to one.

Vote No Stadium Tax! Put the government back in it's place.


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