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Dr. Wilson

Thanks for giving me credit for spotting the TRUE income stream for naming rights.

"They should not get the naming rights for a stadium that tax payers pay for."

This may seem insignificant to some but to me its not about the money.
This is a sure sign of the breadth and width of this give away to Mandalanta.

I could make a case for the $2.9M in furniture but naming rights?
We pay for it
We give them a pass on property taxes
We let them keep all in house revenues
They play in our building

We should name it - for free but there's more;
nss CHAP 8 PG 96
Minor league ballparks provide numerous opportunities to generate advertising and sponsorship revenue.   
Revenues can be generated from scoreboard signage, outfield fence signage, concourse and seating bowl signage, electronic messages, in‐game promotions, media guide and pocket schedule advertisements, public address system announcements and other opportunities.   
In a new ballpark, it is estimated that the minor league baseball team could generate approximately $1.4 million in annual advertising/sponsorship revenue.  After fulfillment costs of approximately 10 percent per year, net advertising/sponsorship revenue is estimated to total approximately $1.3 million in year one, increasing three percent annually thereafter."

If you go to the city and say I want to hang my business signs on YOUR city owned busses how much will it cost? They would say X amount of dollars!
Ever look at a city owned water tower? Notice the wireless company antenna's on them? The city collects a BIG fee for letting them rent space on water towers. Thats city property they are RENTING.
In the stadium those are OUR walls, OUR scoreboard, OUR concourse.
Why does Mandalay get the advertising revenues from that?

So Rick? $1.3M in year 1 times 20 years = $26M just in estimated advertising revenues alone (without any increases)
Wanna re-calculate again?



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