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Other Options?

Now we are hearing that Mandalay has other options if the bond issue does not pass???

I can only speak for myself, but after Mandalay, PCB, the Chamber, and the Mayor and Council, an everyone else for this project tried to rip off the tax payers using all the lies and deception they have, DO NOT come back with a private funded option now. To me, they are no better than a caught shoplifter that now wants to pay for the merchandise they were trying to steal. I do not want this thief ever to be allowed into my store, nor will I ever trust them again.

Ripken was going to do this with private funding from the start. Mandalay and the Mayor conspired to freeze them out and steal from the tax payers. I will not trust Mandalay or the Mayor ever again. I do not want them in charge of anything. It will always be in the back of my mind what they will try next. The old if you put the fox in charge of the hen house, he will have chicken dinner every single time quote comes to mind.

At this point I am burned out over minor league baseball. In spite of what Chuck and Terry claim, I think the Sharks are pretty close to single A ball. I think the city/county should fix the concession stand(s) at legion stadium. Let's support the Sharks and wait for a minor league deal that is completely funded by the private sector without known thieves (Mandalay and the Mayor)in charge......


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