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Did Port City Baseball, the Mayor, and Mandalay really expect the citizens of Wilmington to vote themselves a tax increase so a billionaire beggar can have a free stadium? The fact that they thought the citizens were gullible enough to believe the lies is insulting.

The true test for this deal is this. Read the agreement. Remove from the agreement where it says the City of Wilmington and insert your name. Now sign the agreement. If you are unwilling to sign the deal with you instead of the city on the hook for the payments, then you should also be unwilling to vote for the bond referendum. It is that simple.

The fact that there is another option out there that gives this area a stadium without tax payer funding should end the discussion for the current deal. Any economic benefit the area receives from a stadium happens immediately if there is not millions of dollars in loans that have to be paid off first.

If there is still anyone that has any doubts, go back and read what was claimed the Convention Center would do for the area. None of what was claimed came true. It has become a money pit that is bottomless and requires more and more money to be wasted. They are now recycling the same lies to justify this baseball stadium. The baseball stadium will make money for Mandalay, the Braves, and their billionaire owner because the deal the city signed gives them total control of the stadium and all of the revenue the stadium will generate. The tax payers get to pay for the stadium, and get to pay every single time they want to go to an event held in the stadium. This is like buying a house, sending in your mortgage payment each month, and also paying 10 dollars each night when you come home from work and want to enter your house……..This agreement should start out……..Once upon a time, there was a city government so stupid………


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