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Economics for dummies

Anyone with any degree of business acumen will realize the baseball ( i.e multi-use facility ) deal being proposed is a losing proposition , other than PE teachers and jock sniffers. This UNEDUCATED group of low information people and a small group of beneficiaries are dismissing definitive evidence that shows the project to be a liability to the city and over obligating the taxpayer with another white elephant. The convention center is the other liability that creates a cumulative burden on the citizens. The proceeds from the convention center diverts money away from our beaches and the ballpark dilutes the disposal income distribution per family against competing interests (i.e Sharks and Hammerheads) even further in a struggling economy. There will be no REAL wealth creation in OUR community due to these projects.Another economic development project that puts the taxpayer on the hook in a "pocketbook election" does not bode will for the Wilmington city council. The outcome of this referendum should be a preview of the fate of the city council and the mayor and warning shot to those on city staff to keep some fresh resumes' on hand.

As to the EDUCATOR , keep dribbling that ball and blowing that whistle because it appears this limited skill set is what you do best. A public sector employee is essentially a liability on the balance sheet for the private sector ( the wealth creators ) so try to make a more positive impression , before exposing your ignorance , that taxpayers are getting the biggest bang for their buck.


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