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Peyton Garret was right

Enough is enough. Even though I've been passionate about what I percieve as a potentially perpetuated injustice by a few upon the many, it's time to stop. Occasionally, because I really do have stong feelings on this issue, I've dripped an excess of acid into my keystrokes. Mea culpa.

Regardless of which side of this issue you're on, I sincerely hope that your opinions were based on altruisic motivations. If not, you're probably still not my favorite person.

That's it. I'm essentially done with this.

(Well OK, just a few more things ... For now ...Hey, did I mention that of my 5 posts, 2 were so tiny they really didn't count? ... Did I mention that Dukie still holds the record for most posts? ... Darn, I just can't stop typing!... Yikes! I just set my keyboard on fire in an effort to stop posting and yet I'm still typing! ... One (oww!) more (oww!) thing ...............)


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