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Re: No one watching

Please explain your back pedaling remark. Scott stated that AFP has supplied funding for his side. They have also had contributions from private citizens, myself included. As far as schooled in financing, can you name a tax that ever goes away? If not for this bond, the taxes do not go up 2.5 cents per hundred. If a future council does not reduce or do away with it, it will cost 75 million dollars over 20 years, and it can stay forever.

I know there are people that want this as much as I am opposed to it. That is their/your right. It all comes down to the following:

1- Are you willing to vote yourself a tax increase for a deal that is not finalized and signed by all parties?
2- Do you think it is OK for public money to sponsor private profit? Even when this private business (Mandalay) is going to compete with other businesses that did not receive any welfare benefits.
3- Do you think the tax payers putting up 54 million to receive 10 million in rent is a fair deal?
4- Will you fall for scare tactics? Councilman O'Grady says if we pass on this, it might never be offered again. Really? Minor league has failed miserably twice in the past "because of lack of beer" but here is Mandalay knocking on the door.
5- Our downtown is not a slum. The property can sit as the city continues to collect property taxes, waiting for investors that pay for their own buildings.
6- This is a terrible deal for the city, I can not believe that the Mayor and Councilman O'Grady are proud of the deal they negotiated,Mandalay's negotiators are the one's with something to be proud of.
7- The projected 168 million dollar revenue is just that, a projection. Even if it is true, The 2.2 million the city pays each year against a projection is a huge risk. This 8.4 million per year revenue, I would love to see a projected break down of where it will come from. Otherwise it is just a number pulled out of the air. To be able to accurately project this revenue, there should also be some breakdowns of how it will be generated.
8- The Mayor's statement that the 5 most prosperous cities in N.C. all have baseball stadiums, I bet they also have car dealerships, public restrooms, and multitudes of other businesses. Is is fair or correct to give the stadium all of the credit?
9- The owner of the Braves is a multibillionaire. I am not envious or do I dislike him because he is this wealthy. I do feel that he should be willing to build his own stadium, pay his own upkeep of said stadium, and pay property taxes on his stadium. Then he would become an asset to this community instead of a moocher.....


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