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Typical tactics

Sour grapes Justin, who blames his inability to win a local election in a non-partisan race on whomever the GOP chair is at the time, is doing ABLE's bidding. The burden of proof, by law, is on him. There are several groups in this very small city who oppose whatever the local GOP does because they are mean and petty people who never have the power they crave. These supposed Libertarians and "conservatives" label all who don't agree with them RINOs, which, on its face is fairly mild. But then they spread lies about people's connections with Titan, Covanta, organized crime and organized baseball. Sadly they use Saul-Alisnsky democrat tactics to smear people. Then they wonder why 98% of their candidates don't win. There is also a faction who don't like Ms. Gott based on her appearance; a jealousy factor. None of these factions know Ms. Gott, opposed her when she was on the planning board or have come up with anything substantial to prove she's a "good old boy", who strangely, isn't backed by the GOBs on the county commissioner. All this for a 1.5 month appointment.


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