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This is absolutely absurd.

This is absolutely absurd. So this bill says, that average private citizens can NO LONGER recycle other than steel? What is a homeowner to do with his aluminum gutters if he decides to replace them himself? Or what about copper pipe if a home owner decides to redo his bathroom? Instead of being a responsible citizen, the homeowner is now forced to throw it in the trash? This is the stupidest bill I have ever heard in my life. This will COST the country money, by consumers not being able to send copper and aluminum back for reclaimation to be used again. I have a profession in electronics, and customers give me old and dead electronics. I take the copper out of them and recycle them. But since im not a company or organization, I now can't recycle. Im doing it the honest way, and I'm the one getting punished. What a horrible way to go about this. The correct way to solve the problem of theives and vandals is to have more documentation from the person recycling. Get them into a national database.


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