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How's that HOPE and CHANGE

How's that HOPE and CHANGE thing working out for you???? Let's see, Obama said he was going to get rid of COAL!!!, guess what, where does the majority of electricity come from??, (I'll give you a little hint for the mentally challenged, yes , that's right, from coal powered plants, so if you are going to get rid of clean coal, then someone has to foot the bill, hence the need for a rate hike to switch over), do I like it?, NO! but neither do I like 4.00 a gallon gas, double grocery prices in the last 4 years, doubl insurance premiums, and soon to be double health care premiums, the increse next year to business's in health care coverage for their employee's alone more than justify's a 15% increase in power rates, heck, if power companies were keeping pace with fuel, groceries, and insurance premiums we would be looking at 100% increase's, after all, we can just plug our car's into the wall socket and save enough money on transportation cost alone to offset all the increases to cost of living for the last 4 years of this administration.


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