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Major delays!!!! I couldn't believe they did this!

(Ha! My subject line got more attention than yours..)

So, I had to drive through the areas that you were concerned about today. I was headed for Carolina Beach from Leland. On 74 Eastbound into Wilmington, they had the front St. exit closed, so I had to turn right on 3rd st. At Greenfield St, they had several police interleaving the runners with cars. Total wait time, a couple of minutes. Coming back from Carolina Beach, same thing at Greenfield, a couple of minute wait. They actually had the routine down pretty good.

Later, I went over Isabel Holmes bridge. At 421 (the "hightway" as you called it) they were doing the same thing with the bike riders. Cops waited for a gap, and got the traffic through. Again, I had to wait for a few minutes on the bridge.

It appears that they changed the path a bit from past years as there didn't seem to be as much of an impact on the "hightway" in the area of the battleship.

So, yeah, I have to agree with you. Great Planning! (whoever planned this out). It does appear that they got it figured out how to minimize the impact from a really positive event.

Now, if you were able to get up from your computer, go out, and watch some of these people go by, you might have a clue......


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