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The cost to taxpayers is $75M and will rise over time with real estate values rising.
No one (on either side) asked for extra funds - that was the cities "doing" and was recognized by the anti stadium people - including me.
"the stadium" will cost $54M of which Mandalay will pay 18% or $10M making it one of the worst deals in MiLB history - regardless of what Mandalay pays back.

To say the stadium will cost $37M is disingenuous, even for you. It is like saying your $200,000 home only cost $200,000 when in fact is $325,000 over the 30 year mortgage.

I am appalled by Mandalay paying a fixed amount over 20 years and keeping the naming rights to building WE are paying for.

I will repeat - this is the WORST deal I've seen in MiLB.

And Terry - be careful with this line of thought. If RE should rise in value rapidly the stadium bond will cost taxpayers FAR more than $75M, and far more than a lunch per month as your side claims..



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