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RE: So I guess you mean

Terry said, "Since the deception of the ad speaks for itself."

I find this statement unbelievable coming from you. Your whole PCB website is pure fiction and you dispute something that is proven? From your early claims of "10's of thousands of new visitors" to Chuck's claims of "10 million dollars in new sales tax revenue each year." The lies the pro side have used are just plain crazy. What is in this deal for you? There has to be something or you would have quit supporting this as soon as the deal was released. Unless you are stupid, there is no way you would sign this one sided deal that the city did. With the Ripken Group waiting to build this stadium without tax payer funding, why does PCB support using tax dollars instead? I will ask you once again, What is in this deal for you?

PCB aka Port City Baseball should be supporting the best deal possible to bring minor league baseball to New Hanover County. What has blinded you to your original goal? All your lies and deception have hurt your cause. You resorted to name calling because that is all you have left. Whatever you have planned for the 11th hour media blitz will back fire like everything else you have tried. You underestimate and insult peoples intelligence with the campaign you have run.

The 2 main things(and there are many more)that cripple you are these:
1- The Braves owner is a billionaire beggar, he should pay for his own stadium and become an asset to the community instead of a leach....
2- Any economic benefit shows up immediately if you do not have to pay off a 54 million dollar, 20 year mortgage first. A privately owned stadium does not cost the tax payers maintenance and upkeep either. The owners also pay property taxes. Why do you refuse to acknowledge this?

With all the other rising costs the citizens of Wilmington are facing, becoming a welfare center for a billionaire is one they can say no to.......


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