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There you go Again!!

Check your records, I think you may have me confused with someone else?
I don't recall ever offering a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy involves putting fans and customers in the seats and all the attraction and concessions associated. What has bent you and most others out of shape is that I understand Economic Development projects and how they evolve between various parties. During the process, I called every move and was on the right side of every issue.
The fact that stadiums attract other development projects in many other cities can't be questioned. Some areas get more and some less,that's why the river site is important to Wilmington as these sites offer greater potential for re-development projects and greater chances of enhanced property value to the city. You might reference a recent Star News editorial which indicated the value of a stadium to many example cities one being Greensboro. Former Mayor and accomplished business executive Jim Melvin stated the Greensboro stadium was an excellent investment. The Greensboro stadium has already paid itself out.
You will also find if you care to look that I have never taken a position on any form of finance options private or public. This along with revenue projections is the responsibility of the city and its consultants. As best I can remember those projections provided ample revenue to cost out the project?
The only thing you and your gang has been right about as it relates to me is that I support the Stadium and believe it will be good for Wilmington.


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