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Reality Check 101

-- Confused you with someone else: You’ve said so many outlandish things that by now, you may be the one who no longer knows who you are. Everyone else does. I wouldn't worry about it. After the election, it won't matter who you are.
-- Marketing strategy: The act of advocating a political point of view for the purpose of achieving a particular voting result is a marketing strategy, just like putting fans in a stadium is.
-- What has bent you and most others out of shape is that I understand Economic Development projects and how they evolve: Do you ever listen to yourself? Most others don't understand, just you. Perhaps your attitude may be a contributing factor to this whole "bent" thing. That and your deliberate inaccuracies.
-- Was on the right side of every issue: In order for that to be correct, more, instead of less people, would have to agree with you. That, and also the business of your talking points being correct. That hasn’t been the case (just like in this post).
-- Never taken a position on any form of finance options private or public: Advocating a YES vote is to advocate for taxpayer (as in public) financing of a stadium.
-- Revenue projections are the responsibility of the city and its consultants: An interesting way of saying that you, personally, have no revenue projections with which to justify your position.
-- Those projections provided ample revenue to cost out the project: Are you kidding me? Even Mandalay admits that the city’s highly touted “consultants” presented the city with a seriously flawed feasibility study. After that it really started to go down hill.

Strike seven! You're out 2 1/3 times!


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