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There you go again

"You will also find if you care to look that I have never taken a position on any form of finance options private or public"

Really? REALLY?
Here's one for yah Terry:

• Could !
• Submitted by MrT (not verified) on Wed, 06/27/2012 - 4:55pm.
• You may have missed the word could( it's used several times in the watch dog blog) in your haste to write another essay. You like many others need only to hold your horses just a few more days and let the deal come forward.
If I had a crystal ball it might say.
• 1. They will take some of the special features out of the stadium proposal similar to what Greensboro and Winston Salem did and lower to over-all cost.

WRONG - this is one of the most expensive projects Hunt Construction will have undertaken - it ranks #2 on the list of ballparks referenced in he building projections NSS survey on a per seat basis.

2. Mandalay/Braves will up the ante by increasing the lease years or payment schedule.

Wrong the MOU does NEITHER

3. The city will get the advertising and naming rights for the stadium.

Wrong TWICE - according to the MOU the city gets NONE OF THAT!!

4. The city will get $1 per ticket tax.

Wrong - the city gets no revenues from ticket sales

5. The finances will come from either .5% food and beverage or about 1.5 cent on $100 dollar evaluation General Revenue Bonds.

Wrong twice - no beverage taxes and much more than 1.5 cents

I also predict that if the issue makes it to a vote, the citizens of Wilmington will support It and the stadium will be built in the downtown area.
Now Vog, whats your little crystal ball say?

There you go "MR Right predictions"
One post with 7 missed predictions and one more prediction still up in the air.
Still want to say you've been right all along ?

Your credibility just jumped in the dirty water of the Cape Fear River.



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